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How to Decorate Your Game Room

By Fran Sloan

When you bought your house, you probably knew right away which room was going to be the game room. But that was when the room was empty! Now you may be wondering exactly how you go about decorating this room to make it fun but not cluttered. You do not have to be overwhelmed by this task. In fact, there are many options available now to make your game room the favorite place in the house!

The first thing to do when planning your game room is to decide on a theme. If you have a favorite team, you may want to center your room on that theme. Or you may just want to plan a room based on a certain sport. You can also choose a generic game theme, focusing on different games that your family loves to play. The best thing about decorating a game room is that you can make it as fun and quirky as you want!

Once you decide on a theme, you may want to choose accessories that will accent that theme. If your room is centered on football, you can add oval rugs to the room that look like footballs. There are also lamps and wall hangings that can accent the theme. If you want a room that is centered on the pool table, you can accessorize with billiard balls around the room. Black rugs may work best with this theme.

While you are decorating your game room, you may also want to look at the furniture you are placing in there. If you are going to be spending a lot of time watching sports on television, then you may want to look at couches and recliners that will make the room a comfortable place to spend time. If your game room is simply going to be a place to play games, then you may want to have chairs and tables set up to make game playing easier to do. The furniture you add to your game room will determine how often people want to hang out in there.

Finally, when you are decorating your room, you are definitely going to want to consider what games to put in there. If you have a pool table, you may not have much room for anything else. This may also be a good place to put your board games and video games, but that is up to you. Every room has a different purpose, so you need to make yours fit your needs.

Game rooms are meant to be a fun gathering place in your home. This is the best room in the house to have fun with the decor and add a little of everyone's decorating tastes. The most important thing in decorating this room is to not to go crazy with decorating it. Keep the decorating to a minimum and focus on your theme. You will be sure to find the game room is the place in your house to be.

Fran has been writing articles online about decorating game rooms for many years now. And she says that if you are ready for your room to shine then lay oval rugs or black rugs on your floor.

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