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Use Code THANKS to get 5% OFF on all orders. Offer Expires on 09/012 at 11:59 EST
Use Code THANKS to get 5% OFF on all orders. Offer Expires on 09/012 at 11:59 EST

Viper Black Jump Break Cue

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Weight: 18 oz

Perfect every aspect of your game with specialized cues for every different show with the Jump Break Billiard Cue Stick from Viper. Fashioned from maple hardwood to withstand years of full-strength breaks, the Viper Jump Break billiard cues adds a layer of depth to your game that you need to take it to the next level. These cue sticks feature all the performance-enhancing qualities you've come to expect from exceptional shooting cues. A specialty leather tip ensures a solid grip on the ball, reducing miscues, and holds its form against deformation from hard break shots. A-Pro Taper gives a consistent and comfortable feel across your stroke, and a linen wrap reduces vibration and provides unparalleled grip. The shaft and butt combine with seamless wood-to-wood joints to give great feedback on every shot. This versatile cue is assembled in three pieces, allowing it to be used for tricky jump shots as well!


  • Shaft constructed from Maple wood, which will stand up to full strength break shots.
  • Features a pro taper for perfect aim and a steady feel across your stroke.
  • Specialty tip and ferrule designed to resist deformation from high-power shots.
  • The extra joint allows the break to serve as a jump cue as well, and the quick release makes it a snap.
  • Wood-to-wood joints provide a seamless smooth look, and nine coats of varnish prevent warping.
  • Size: 58.90 in (Length)
  • Color: Black